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Hernán Cédola was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. He is a self-instructed modern Argentinean artist. He has studied painting, drawing, carving and photographic techniques on his own. At present he lives and works in La Plata city. He has put up individual exhibitions in Argentina, the U.S.A, Bolivia, Germany Italy and Mexico. In 2010 he was invited as a young artist to take part in a collective exhibition called Abstraction Revisited which was held in the Chelsea Art Museum, New York, together with Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner and Robert Motherwell. Cédola has completed in 2015 a forth months “artist in residence program” in Dusseldorf, Germany at “Ateliers Hoerweg” founded by the prestigious German artist Katharina Grosse.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2015 Moving States, Ateliers Hoerweg. Dusseldorf - Germany
2011 Solo Exhibition – Macro Museum – Rosario / Santa Fe Argentina
2010 Un Silencio Aparente, KBK Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico DF, Mexico
2009 Timeless, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami.
2007 Estudios para óleo y grabado, Zavaleta Lab / Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires.
2006 Artistas del MACLA, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Tandil (MUMBAT), Buenos Aires.
Artistas del MACLA, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Luján, Buenos Aires.
Artistas del MACLA, Museo Municipal de Junín (MUMA), Buenos Aires.
Coming Soon, Zavaleta Lab / Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires.
2005 Abstracción y color, Galería Tempesta, La Plata, Argentina.
2004 Serie, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.
Serie, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano (MACLA). Ciudad de La Plata, Argentina. 

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016: Los 4 por La Plata, MACLA - Museo de arte latinoamericano, La Plata - Argentina

2014 Arte BA 11 Fair, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 Art Platform Fair, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Los Angeles - USA

2011 Arte BA 11 Fair, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ArtBo 2011, Bogota – Colombia – Dot Fiftyone Gallery
Art Miami 11, Dot Fiftyone Gallery. Miami USA.
2010 Art Miami 10, Dot Fiftyone Gallery. Miami USA.
Pinta/10 NY, NY. Dot Fiftyone Gallery (Special Solo Artist Project)
Abstraction Revisited, Chelsea Art Museum, NY/ NY. USA.
ArtBo, Bogota – Colombia – Dot Fiftyone Gallery
Art San Pablo Fair, KBK Arte Contemporaneo, San Pablo, Brazil
Arte BA Fair, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art San Diego, KBK Arte Contemporaneo, San Diego, CA USA

2009 Art Miami 09, Dot Fiftyone Gallery. Miami USA.
Arte BA, Zavaleta Lab Arte Contemporaneo, Buenos Aires.
Arteamericas 09, Dot fiftyone gallery, Miami Bech, USA.
Artbo 09 Fair, Bogota Colombia. KBK Gallery Mexico
2008 Art Miami, Dot Fiftyone gallery, Miami, USA.
2007 ArtBo, Zavaleta Lab Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia.
Premio Dr. Bonifacio del Carril (Grabado), Museo de Artes Plásticas “Eduardo Sívori”, Buenos Aires.
Geometrías, Zavaleta Lab / Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires.
Premio Mención: Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (Sección Grabado), Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.
2006 Bomarzo a Bomarzo, “Nueva creatividad de mundo”, Palazzo Orsini. Italia.
Futuro/Presente, Nueva Creatividad del mundo, FederCultura. Roma, Italia.
Colectiva, Zavaleta Lab / Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, 2006.
1era. Mención de honor: VI Salón EDELAP de Artes plásticas, Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas, La Plata, Argentina.
2do. Premio adquisición: Salón Provincial de Dibujo y Grabado, Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas. La Plata, Argentina, 2006.
2005 Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (Sección Pintura), Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, 2005.
2da. Mención: V Bienal de Pintura Paloma Alonso, 2005.

2006/ Beca Nacional en Artes Plásticas del Fondo Nacional de las Artes
2008/ Taller-Clínica con Tulio de Sagastizábal. 
2003/ Taller sobre los Procesos Pictoriales, prof. Carlos Darío Albornoz.
2000-2002/ Centro de Fotografía Contemporánea (C.F.C), Prof. Ataúlfo H. Pérez Aznar.
2001/ Grabado y Arte impreso, (U.N.L.P.). Facultad de Bellas Artes.
2001/ Fotografía Estenopeica, Prof. Leo Scheffer.
1999-2000/ Taller de pintura y dibujo, Estudio Alzugaray – Redoano, Prof. Miguel Alzugaray.


Artist statement


Dialectic of shape

The aim is to get the personal involved with the formal and the conceptual, to follow an investigation line and twist it, to lead it towards my inner world. Reflection comes later. At the beginning most of it is improvisation, working over the unexpected. The process of choosing a technique, a support, takes place behind my back, it is an opaque compulsive process, whose results are constantly reformulated; they multiply and expand.

Doing is liberation. It goes beyond decision. It is a question. How do I turn my perception of reality into an entity? What is real?

What is most important is to follow that instinct. The sense is not important, here is no wear and tear, there is no losing in the process because the final adjustment of my work always receives its own place in my emotional history.

Rational – Irrational. Time denial, space alteration. Dreams and memories of black holes. Intangible space.

The work of art is adrift, seeking, roaming, erring and not even reaching a final meeting. The end itself is a random ride. Changing the coordinates, mutating, exploring, destroying, beginning a-new, changing the starting point. Changing the axis. It is no for everything to be indifferent, it is for new possibilities to arise. New states, new alterations, new us, + strengths, + us. Singularity that evolves into plurality. Shape of life without shape, no thirst for shape, no thirst for truth, no thirst for judging or being judged. Become invisible to be oneself.

Let it happen and live with the outcome. A game between tension and liberation. Work as space of struggle, space of permanent revolution, going beyond things because it is knowledge, it is avant-garde and as a result it is void.

It is shape

Tension of shape

Morality of shape.

Hernán Cédola, April 7, 2013.




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