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Liliane Eberle

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Photography is another dimension of language. It is at once a passion - a creative process that allows a more active perceptio of the world; accentuates empathy. A form of communication, where a glance can say far more, more profoundly and more rapidly, than would be possible with words.

The poetic content of a picture is of more importance to me than documentary statements. Authenticity and the transitions between candid photos and arranged photos are sometimes fluent. The photographic view of the world is always subjective and requires getting involved with the situation in order tocapture it intuitively.

Feelings exist beyond their representation, but they leave tracks and I follow those tracks.

The concept of making people’s emotions and longings the focus of my photographic oeuvre and seeking what can hardly be expressed in images fascinates me.

Feelings exist beyond the realm of the representational but they leave traces; traces that I can follow.


Selected  Exhibition:

2012 // Arte BA, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

2012 // Arte America, Miami, USA

2011 // Art Basel Miami, USA

2011 // Universal Melancholy,


Gallery Dotfiftyone, Miami (USA)

2011 // H2Art, Arbon (CH)

2011 // Art Basel, Miami (USA)

2010 // Parkierte Kunst, St.Gallen (CH)

2009 // 6. Museumsnacht, St.Gallen (CH)

2009 // UND09 (CH)

2009 //  Orient / Okzident (CH)

2008 // KulturZent. Luzern (CH)

2007 // Kultursommer Mels (CH)

2006 // AR't Herisau (CH)

2006 // Contemporary Art (USA)

2006 //Elder Gallery, North Carolina (USA)

2005 // Art Basel Miami (USA)

2005 // Soirée japonaise (CH)

2005 // Consuming art show (USA)

2005 // Farmany Gallery,  Los Angeles (USA)

2004 // Dotfiftyone Gallery, Miami (USA)

2003 // Rauscharts, St.Gallen (CH)

2003 // Galerie Bären, Häggenschwil (CH)

Artist statement

Photography is another form of language. It is my passion. I see and communicate with the world in a very active way. My life has been dedicated to the study and creation of art and design. My current focus is on photography to create photos and collages that reveal hidden sensuality and poetry. In my work I always endeavour to achieve a harmony of shapes and colours.




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