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Paz Juristo

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Carrera de Derecho Universidad Complutense, Madrid 1986/1991

Master en Derecho Internacional, American University, Washington D.C. 1991/1992

Curso Fotografía Profesional Digital. EFTI 2005/2006

Curso de Iluminación (profesor Miguel Oriola). EFTI 2007

PHE 2006 – Taller Axel Hutte

PHE 2007 – Taller  Antonin Kratochvil

PHE 2008 – Taller Simon Norfolk

EFTI 2008 – Taller James Casebere

Master Fotografía. EFTI 2009/2010


Selected Solo Shows 


“Berlín”. Espacio 28014. Abril/Mayo 2008

“El tiempo deshace”. Sothebys-Ramses. Noviembre 2009

“El tiempo cincela”. Galería MS. Noviembre 2010

“Textura del Tiempo” Espacio 28014. Noviembre 2012



Selected Group Shows 


PHE 2006. Plaza Parejas. Aranjuez. Octubre 2006

Segundo Encuentro Hispano-Cubano de Arte Contemporáneo, Exposición “Encuentros”

Sala Retiro. Madrid. Febrero 2010

Exposicion “Gotas para la Vida” Espacio Pepe Pisa. Madrid. Marzo 2011 

Exposisión “Arte x Haiti” La Casa Encendida- Madrid. Marzo 2011

“Leitmotif” DotFiftyOne. Miami. Diciembre 2012



Selected Collections 

Valsart (España)

Omega Capital (España)

Daniel Yankelewitz, (Costa Rica)

D. Entrecanales (España)

Talayero Osio (Miami)

Artist statement


My photographic effort is an "emotion-arousing pursuit". The photograph itself acts as a mean for the creation of a new image that represents my own personal reality. In my work, usually urban architecture photography, I do not look for a strict representation of reality. I am not creating a duplicate, nor a tale. What I am interested in capturing is a sense of the architectural space that leads, after an introspective transformational process, to a unique memory, a personal thought, a feeling.

I photograph only portions of reality (in architecture, for example, specific parts of buildings). My aim is to capture a finite succession of moments in the existence of an object. These sequences bring to my memory certain moments, creating in my mind a completely new reality. Iseek to transform three-dimensional reality into a simple two-dimensional space. This simplifying process creates a new photographic reality. It generates a sensory experience, very evocative, undefined and probably dynamic image that allows the spectator to experiment his own sensation. 

Other key elements of my works are movement, repetition and color. I bring a sense of uniqueness to the lack of individuality in things. I also seek to create a bond with the space around the object, hence obtaining a more powerful image.

The use of movement in my work represents an escape from everyday reality, creating striking images. I use color and abstract elements as tools to generate sensations. Human beings do not have visual memory of shades of color, only the generic remains in our memory. I try to influence the perception of reality through the use of color; I help bringing back to memory the "shades of color" and making them part of the new photographic memory of the object. 




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