Leonel Matheu // Pedestriart

Leonel Matheu

The project embodies an intervention of urban areas. It is represented by traffic signs in its form and codification of color utilizing an iconography, and stimulating the pedestrian’s conscience through infinite range of interpretation.


In order to cause a massive impact of images, this presentation is thought to be displayed in a central area where the individual pieces come together to form a conjunction. These pieces would be displayed diversifying themselves by choosing nearby streets close to its central piece, which would contribute to offer support and at the same time guides the pedestrian to the central point of the piece. In addition, it motivates a chronological order of reoccurrence and analysis of the event.

 The artist aims to use these pieces as graphic tools to communicate and interrogate collective memory to the pedestrian.This concept reflects the applied art as a sign that intensifies and expands by the reiteration of graphical assets already established. Consequently, it enriches the creative interpretation of the pedestrian.

 Every individual piece is created as a series of 20 per image. They are ink prints on reflective media mounted in laminated aluminum.

Leonel Matheu


Proyect’s Concept:

Traffic signs as a graphic language, given their objectivity and synthesis, are a way of conveying information that transcends them, as though they were reality in themselves, and not the outcome of man's doing, which installs codes using minimal and homogenous data.

 As graphic tools, they trigger the conversation between what is agreed-upon and the artist’s message, based on information with urban characteristics, leading to questions that stimulate the interpretation of the collective unconscious.

 The setup of these signs point us down a pathway leading to the lecture, a space which turns the work into the very action of traveling, into that way of getting to know something, partly conscious and partly unconscious, partly subjective and partly objective.

 In the world we live in, signs compel us to move, turn, back up, and stop; an action that is shared passively with the rest. This work invites us to activate the enriching experience of being guided to see and even transcend from open spaces to closed ones, without stripping them of their sense, rather, quite the opposite, by adding weight and transgression to the proposal.

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