Hernán Cédola // Timeless

Hernán Cédola

Timeless is the title of Hernán Cédola’s forthcoming exhibition at Dot Fiftyone Gallery. In his first solo exhibition in Miami, he is presenting a series of installations of big dimensional (wood sculptural) pencils and oil drawings.

The magnetic connection, between the color pencils and our experience during our learning at school, is the singular charm emerging from this one man show of this young argentine artist.

The change of scale and the meticulous treatment are the bridge, the magic key in the relation between the objects and the people.

 This surprising encounter, this distinct vision awakens memories and emotions that rise from the essential nature of this little big pencils strategically installed along this art gallery.

 This non-transferable experience, this deep exploration of his aesthetics, sets in, between his innate quality and us, a secret understatement that makes up our cultural strength.

 For him his paintings and his installations are not a reaction. Cédola’s aesthetic is a personal and spontaneous response to the reality of our time. His particular art is for him a way to see, sharpen the gaze to penetrate reality and discover the bowels. He investigates not only the identity but also moves into the secret of textures, colors and their vibrations, weight and density of matter, lines and structures. Pure expressionism, this young artist takes over all this to offer a sensible translation of today's world. This is also a metaphor, an act of freedom and revelation. His world is ours, every day, tender and cruel, small and immeasurable. However, to Hernán the truth of his art is not in the power to represent but to evoke an inner truth, is purely spiritual reality beyond the immediate.

 Hernán Cédola has exhibited in solo & group shows, and art fairs in the Argentina, Colombia, Mexico as well as in Europe.


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