Mauro Giaconi // Immense Parallel

Mauro Giaconi

“Immense parallel – (Paralelo Inmenso)”, an exhibition of new works by Mauro Giaconi“

“Recess”, works by Johnny Robles (Project Room)

November 27th, 2010 through January 15th, 2011

 Opening reception for the artists, Saturday November 27, 2010. 7:30 PM – 10:30PM

 “Immense parallel – (Paralelo Inmenso)”, by Mauro Giaconi“


In his second solo show in Miami, titled “ Immense Parallel” the Argentinian artist Mauro Giaconi, presents his more recent production. In this exhibition, he focused in his drawings and featured a space captivating sculpture.

 The drawings proposed by the artist are in big dimensional formats elaborated with graphite and erase rubber on paper. Giaconi believes that the media chosen to create his new body of work, could be seen as opposite elements. However combined they do not annul each other but are complemented to generate an energetic and dynamic image, where the abstraction reigns and the figuration threatens.

 In the case of the sculpture that artist proposes for his exhibition, this artwork presents/displays a space game that could well be included/understood like an installation. The piece is made with cyclonal meshes of wire fencing to form a closed space, limited, but the incision caused to the material opens infinite possibilities, thus searching for to question on the space and spiritual boundaries.

 The writer Ferando Solana Olivares has described Mauro Giaconi’s visual work as follow: “a creative horizon that has gone beyond aestheticism through an encompassing formal volition through which the themes and treatments, the materials and even the very intention behind the performed artistic deed become self-referential, doubly or triply metaphorical, as if by revealing themselves they revealed much more than that which a primary and immediate reflection appears to show. His work, therefore, surpasses the function of the sign which only refers to itself, to reach the category of a symbol, which always makes reference to something that is beyond its own manifestation”.

 Mauro Giaconi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. In the year 2001, he attended the “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón: School of Art” and graduated as a major in painting. Since then, his work has developed in the fields of sculpture, drawing and installation.

 He has been awarded, among others, First Prize at the “Phillips para jovenes talentos” (Phillips for young talent), he won honorably mention at the “Salon Nacional de Dibujo” (National awards for drawing), was selected for the first and second prize at ArteBA-Petrobras awards and currently he holds a scholarship from the Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas (Center for art research)

 Among his selected and recent solo shows it is worth noting the following: “Entropía”, Galería Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México - Mexico; “Aquula”, Galèrie HO (Histoire de l’Oeil), Marsella - France; “Fractura Expuesta”, Galería Zavaleta-Lab, Buenos Aires - Argentina; “Unburden”, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami - USA. He has participated in grup shows and art fairs in San Pablo, Buenos Aires, Bogota, New York, London, Boston, México D.F. and Miami.

 Simultaneously to his show in Dot Fiftyone, the gallery will be exhibiting Giaconi’s work in its booth at Art Miami’10 (Nov 30 – Dec 5). 


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