Dudu Quintanilha // Passinho 

Curated by Clara Caputo
Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 15, 2016
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm 
On view though October 2016
Galery 2



Passinho from Ungovernable  Project (2015) by Dudu Quintanilha


Video Performance, One channel digital video; 25 minutes total running time; color; sound.

Ungovernable aims to record performances that are not displayed live in public. It seeks alternative contexts, working with bodies with and without artistic education.


The goal is to research and articulate the "short duration" of the performance in the interlacement with people and spaces along with the permanence and temporality of "long duration" movements of the registered work. To produce Ungovernable the artist establishes meetings with the participant. These meetings can take part in different types of spaces: private/closed, institutional public spaces and non institutional public spaces, using different performance elements that come either from what Quintanilha observes in relation to the person/participant; from the proprietary space or from a random idea: historical materials, memories, images, words derived from the multiplicity of the social net.


Ungovernable wants to occupy space in relationship to “face to face” and the "other", without denying the otherness of the public which, conversely, can appropriate itself (or not) of the project looking at it into their eyes.


This project intends and needs to create maps of interactions in a linear way between the factors involved: character/place/camera. The practicality is the result of Ungovernable, but prior to this the development of a relational experiment emerges using performance as pretext. – “I want to meet people, I want to have the video and I want to create this new transit between me and the participant in a specific space, whatever this space is”, Quintanilha quotes.


Pasinho was worked in collaboration with performers Daniela Pinheiro and Glamour Garcia. It was filmed in 2015 at PUC (Catholic University Sao Pablo) and Casa do Povo Cultural Center, located in the neighborhood of Bom Reti, Sao Pablo – Brazil. 



Dudu Quintanilha (1987 São Paulo, Brazil) is a multidisciplinary artist who studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina at  “Universidad Di Tella, IUNA (National University of the Arts) and Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas CIA. His work uses different techniques and medias to research the human body as a working representation field. His latest projects involve social and politic themes, with the population on the streets and their vulnerable situation; and he uses the common people with no artistic education to develop his ideas in different medias such as: video photography, cinema and relational projects. He has served as assistant to other photographers, such as Rosana Schoijett, Jorge Miño and his teacher, Alberto Goldestein.


Selective solo shows: "Across the bottom" (2009) street site – specific intervention, Buenos Aires; "Coragem" (2012) at the Museum of Contemporary Art – MACRO, Rosario, Argentina; "After all the above" (2012); “Collective in L.E.A.” (2012) at Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires; “Young at Heart” (2014) solo project for ARCO Art Fair, Madrid among others.


He has produced numerous projects in collaboration with other artists and after attending CIA, he founded  “Guatemalteca Cooperative” together with artists Leopoldo Estol, Laura Codega, Renata Paula Lozupone and Massarati. The mission of this cooperative is to create and promote art actions art in within the environment of  “Villa 31” an unprivileged neighbor of Buenos Aires.


His work has been exhibit in Miami, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Dubai and Madrid. Currently he lives and works between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Pablo, Brazil.

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