Lydia Azout // Indissoluble Trilogy

Indissoluble Trilogy


All human beings, interrelated, interconnected and interdependent,  yet maintaining  the essence of their individuality, constitute the sum of humanity. As each time light impacts non-translucent matter, shadows and webs of shadows are created, their forms determined by the light’s position and their interpretation based upon our own preconceptions and fantasies, each maintaining its own essence.


Rhythm, light and shadow are the traits that characterize my work.  Within it are density and subtleness, secret interiors, and lines of multiple forms. Lines that form spaces with no mass are transformed into bright elements over dense surfaces, shadows that intertwine with matter to form new spaces and new realities.


My work has evolved from the sacred and structured toward an open geometry where the patterns, real and projected, expand in a more spontaneous manner.  This latest  series, “Free Calligraphy,”  is a new vision that separates the elements to bring light to opaque, moving solids and transform the concrete into an enigmatic world of shadows that we can see and interpret “from the cavern”, but that we can never capture.


Lydia Azout

Going Home

September 18 – October 30, 2014


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