Hamlet Lavastida // SWAB Barcelona

Dot Fiftyone Gallery at SWAB BARCELONA presenting a solo project by Hamlet Lavastida.

September 29 – October 2, 2016 – Barcelona, Spain.

Swab continues to grow. The International Contemporary Art Fair of Barcelona, focused on the newest creations, gathers more galeries and presents five new programs (of 9 total ones): Focus Magreb, with its focus in different artistic groups from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia; In/Out, a curatorial project of artists from different galleries of Barcelona; Cross-Boundaries:Moving Images from China, aselectionof 3 emerging Chinese filmmakers who inaugurate the residence of artists, Swab House; So Close, So Far, a reflection of the actual geopolitical context through photographs. From 29th September until 2nd October, a totalnumber of 73 galleries exhibit the work of hundreds of artists. In 2015 theparticipant galleries were 65; in 2014 the number was 59, and in 2013, 52. The art fair takes place at the Italian Pavilion of Fira Barcelona, located in front of Font Màgica de Montjuïc, an open space of 2500 square meters. Collectors from all around the world are visiting Swab drawn by its new edition and the parallel activities it offers such a visits to private collections,foundations and cultural institutions of the city. The countries that are represented in this edition are 25, 3 more than last year: Italy, Switzerland, Greece, India, Colombia, China, Japan, Argentina, Russia, Portugal, Mexico,Chile, United States, Austria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Holland, England,Belgium, Germany, Poland, Denmark Korea and France.

Swab Barcelona functions since 2006, as an initiative of the prívate collection Diezy 7 Contemporary Art Space. This years it celebrates its 9th edition. After a decade, it is recognized as one of the most relevant international contemporary art fairs bringing together artists and galleries from all continents. With an approximate number of 18.000 visitors Swab is centered in emerging art and stands up for an affordablecollectionism for all types of public.

 The fair is divided in 12 programs or sections:

General Program. A number of 30 national and international galleries. This program is organized since the beginning of the art fair, 2006

Solo Swab.Curated by Direlia Lazo and Zaida Trallero, its an enstablished program after 3 years. It is a space of refelxtion around artistic production that reflect the current artistic production in the Latin American sociopolitical context.

Participant artists: Joaquín Segura (Arena México Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara), Andres Vial (Die Ecke, Santiago from Chile), Hamlet Lavastida (Dot Fiftyone, Miami), Lázaro Saavedra (Georges Philippe & Natalie Vallois Gallery, Paris), Carlos Martiel (Rossmut Gallery, Rome), Alejandra Avilés (Parallel Oaxaca, Mexico) and Amor Muñoz (Scheifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna).

In/Out. This is a new project of independent curatorship in collaboration with Banc Sabadell Foundation. The curators are FredericMontornés and Imma Prieto. The question is:What does it mean to be inside or outside? From this dislocation 10 artists from Barcelona galleries present their work.

So close, so far. A new program, curated by Alvaro Gurrea with the collaboration of LumixG. A project that reflects the human relationships in the eras of globalazation and digital technologies throughphotographs.

SwabSeed. It is presented for the second continuous year, again curated by David Armengol. It is a space of visibility and debate focused on independent proposals that since they gained the power and stability of relying only on themselves, have become the most successful and dynamic contemporary art scenes of the present.

Focus Magreb. A new program, curated by Xavier de Luca. He proposes to deepen into the understanding of realities and sociocultural dynamics, that occur in the region of Maghreb.

Cross-Boundaries. Moving Images from China. A new program, curated by Susana Sanz. A selection of 3 Chinese filmmakers who are part of the emerging cinema wave of the country: Liu Hao, Ju Angi y YuDepeng. They travelled to Barcelona to present art works that reflect borders that are increasingly difficult to draw between experimental cinema and video art. This transgression of boundaries make them 'Cross-Boundaries'. The projection rooms are 3 industrial containers which will be exposed in the Plaza of the Font Magica, in front of the Italian Pavilion, the first program Swab open to the public for free.

Participants: Liu Hao, Ju Angi y u Depeng.

Swab House; opens its residence with Chinese filmmakers Liu Hao, Yu Ju Anqi and Depeng, participating at the Cross-Boundaries program, a first time performance of video art pieces. 3 Industrial containers turn into projection rooms which will be exposed in Plaza of Font Magica, in front of the Italian Pavilion.

Myfaf.In its fourth, curated by Rosa Lleó, the program consists of four contemporaryart galleries with less than two years of existence that have not participated in any international art fair. They all represent artists born after 1975


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