Eduardo Capilla is a painter whose work has developed a unique and explosive vision. At the beginning of his career he adopted color as an essential component of his work.  First with monochromatic pieces he explored the power of sensation. He discarded the expressive resources of chiaroscuro and the halftones in order to address a conceptual and space-anchored conception of painting. His ideas spring from the artist’s intellectual and sensitive interest in the specificity of visual language. This not only led him to dismiss figurative approaches and instead focus on abstraction as a proper grammar for this research, but also it introduced him to the world of volume, relief and medium, that is, installation. “Noción” has become a nomadic life-project where all his interests merge. Delving into formal aspects, the outcome tends to stress the relation between the piece and its immediate context, which has taken his work from indoor shows to open-air exhibitions. By this, Capilla succeeds in transforming these private and formal concerns into a public and collective experience.

Eduardo Capilla´s (b. 1960, Mar del Plata, Argentina) work has been displayed both in several galleries and museums, as well as in public places around the world since 1977 to the present. Alongside his artworks, he has been awarded worldwide for his work as film director in videoclips, short and full-length movies, and as an art director.