Opening Reception: Saturday March 14, 7:00 - 9pm
On view through May 14, 2020

Dot Fiftyone is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of design firm ATELIER DE YAVORSKY at the gallery. The show includes a selection of recent objects, suitable for living or working, that reflect on the ideas of quality as well as of sustainability and re-utilization. In its works, ATELIER DE YAVORSKY emphasizes a strong connection with nature and true materials, and also with the acceptance of beauty in imperfection.

Its modus operandi includes the dialogue between existing elements in their surroundings; for example, the use of iconic pieces of design, like Gio Ponti’s Leggera chair, in addition to items found at thrift shops. It is not about denying the history of each object but, quite the opposite, creating one more chapter in its life. ATELIER DE YAVORSKY believes in the conversation between past and present, new and old, hand-made and industrial. Two pieces of the exhibition emphasize these ideas: Wood Between the Worlds (2020), a combination of a closet and a filing cabinet that brings together the possibility that home and office live in the same piece of furniture, and Hágase la luz [Let There Be Light] (2020), a hybrid between a lamp and a console.

ATELIER DE YAVORSKY understands design as a vehicle for human connection and focuses on pieces that relate to family life, bring people together, or encourage interaction with one another. La Grande Bouffe [The Grande Bouffe] (2020), a dining table that dismantles the concept of a table, or Swinging Chair (2017), a bench that holds several chairs, have in common the pursuit of creating new ways for people to meet, in order to create new relationships with friends and strangers.

The use of color, as an element to trigger emotions, is present in its practice. The tapara [calabash or gourd], a flowering plant which in Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama is often used as small vessels for serving or drinking, is utilized as a medium for the exploration of color in Color Is Served (2020). Intrinsically, all the objects have the same purpose of providing a function, but also, to humbly remind us of the enormous possibilities of design.

ATELIER DE YAVORSKY consists on siblings Guillermo and Alexandra De Yavorsky. Guillermo is an architect and interior designer. Alexandra is a graphic designer. ATELIER DE YAVORSKY is based in Miami.

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