Lydia Azout’s sculptures and installations convey her journey: she has found vestiges of ancient seminal forms, and she revives them through the use of elements drawn from nature and transformed through human intervention, like metal, for instance, which contains the lessons associated to fire and lasting shapes. Whether covered by the dark patina of iron oxide, or playing with the light that steel reflects, her works open up the abstract to the representation of the invisible and radiate a cosmic meaning to the surrounding space.

Lydia Azout (b. Bogota, Colombia) studied at the Taller de David Manzur in Bogota from 1970 to 1974. Later she continued her studies with Luis Camnitzer in city of Lucca (Italy) during 1981 then in 1988 she took workshops at the Institute of Marble and Art in Pietrasanta (Italy). Individually she has been exhibiting since 1978 in major galleries, museums and biennialsaround the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota and in Cali, The Alejandro Otero Museum of Caracas, Venezuela, Frost Art Museum, Miami. Her work is in the permanent collections of museums in Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, USA and in numerous private collections worldwide.