Jul 24  |  Sep 3, 2014

The Mexican artist is presenting his new body of work in his first gallery’s exhibition in Miami.

A young artist that reflects on a fundamental act in the art: the look. By diverse media he explores the dialogue between materials of natural origin as graphite and wood, that serves as a technique to speak of what is human from subjective codes in his relation with the media and with the multiplicity of the points of view of the spectator.  He integrates elements from his personal mythology and from nature as testimonial symbols of contemporary society. The work is an exploration of the interactions between techniques and formats that includes drawing, painting, stage resources, installation, animation, video-art and video-installation. He puts the spectator in a vigilant position before his will of contemplation. He has been selected in the official selection of the Biennial Tamayo 2006, in the Scholarship young Creators of the FONCA 2007 and in the residence Artist in Residence at 18th, Street Art Center Los Angeles in 2008.

Drawing has been a human necessity since the age of cave painting. There’s an ancestral connection and romanticism in the middle. Paper and pigments have been used for hundreds of years. There is something organic about drawing, which makes you feel part of the process. There’s a bridge from your mind to your arms to the materials that enable you to create something bigger than yourself. It’s my way of searching for the sublime. In my way of painting, it all starts with the creation of my own mythology, which comes from the experiences and connection to nature that I’ve had through all my life. I’m influenced by the cultural context and the importance of rituals in my country. Besides my personal point of view, all wild animals already have their own universal roles, archetypes and simbology. For me, everything is part of a whole: every animal, landscape or natural phenomenon”.

Necessary objects

I have been working for some time in creating a sort of mystique and mythology within a personal language which comes of the appropriation of certain symbols and myths, coming from my interest in the attempt to talk about the human being.

The objects and the creation of some of these elements are central to a belief system, which is observed in various religions.

An object has a value and thus becomes important, because they are involved in one way or another in a reality that transcends it, a stone or a piece of root become sacred among others by the fact that his form causes an interest in a class or the source of the magical symbol. The object appears as a receptacle of a mystical force that gives it meaning and value

On this occasion the work I presented in my display at Dot Fiftyone Gallery "Items Needed" arises from the encounter with objects from hikes made by the forest, through the graphic and pictorial manipulation and representation of these, as a ritual act, I intend to make them real, sacred, swamping be.

This exhibit shows the process of building a personal mysticism and sacredness of these objects and shows the human need to provide a certain sublime halo objects and give them a sense of these value, as may well be the case with the work of art.