Mar 10  |  may 30, 2017

Dot Fiftyone Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition with Jorge Cabieses. “Resonant Relationships” is the artist premier solo show in Miami. The exhibition will include new paintings made of polyurethane paint on aluminum panels, silkscreens on antique gobelins tapestry and on cotton paper, and other mixed media installations.

The status of the image as such is the constant questioning that structure Cabiese’s work. His current project is inscribed in the liberation of any symbolic association with reality. In this equation, he has tried to set a discreet bias to what is post-modern, that which is dedicated to sacralize the image manufacturer to the detriment of the image. The very painter disappears and the spectator used in the discourse of figuration ends up lost facing the cancellation of history and the vindication of what is essential: shape and color. Thus, in his work the artist intends, through a problematization of space, to confront certain canons of the Latin American image: the obsession with narrative, an exacerbated sentimentalism, and the morbidity of what is private. Facing them, a constructive tension is established in search of something more universal, despite his own anguish for harmony and thanks to an intimate conviction of his own elements.

Amplifying and multiplying the presence of geometric forms through the generation of repeated patterns and a pre-visualized display of shining color spectrums, he builds images pointing to diverse cultural sources.

Jorge Cabieses was born in 1971 in Lima, Perú where he lives and works.