Hernán Cédola is known for his abstract paintings. His eclectic and radical approach to painting can be best summarized as a belief in the power of art as an autonomous way for philosophical thinking. For Cédola, a painting does not need to be “explained” or “translated” into other language, as it constitutes a language on its own and, for this, a great tool to explore and invent new concepts. Everything –form, color, subject, framing– undergoes, inherent to the act of painting, a process of transformation. Although his oeuvre varies greatly in style and materials, in Cedolas’s hands, all oppositions tend to be dismantled. His work can be construed as an ongoing exploration into the way conventional dichotomies are forced into a conflictive coexistence.

Since 2004, Hernán Cédola´s (b. 1977, La Plata, Argentina) work has received a great critical welcoming. He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Germany, the United States, Bolivia, Italy and Mexico. In 2015 and 2017, he was invited to participate in the residency the Atelier Höherweg inDüsseldorf, Germany.