David Rohn grew up in New Jersey and Long Island, suburbs of NYC and studied art and urbanism at Colgate University and NYU, and later Architecture at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Rohn worked in NYC in Architecture and Design, where he began painting in the early 1980s. Later he returned to Paris in 1989, where he continued to paint and exhibit at Galerie Julien Pellat, Le Salon de Montrouge. La Masse des Beaux Arts, Paris.

In 1992 Rohn moved to Miami, where he also started writing about art, exhibiting at Bianca Lanza and later Carol Jazzar Contemporary, and developing socially-reflective and interactive installation and performative art projects, from which his (self)-Portraiture series’ emerged in 2008. And later, street figures began in 2017 after his Miami gallery closed.

Rohn has exhibited and been reviewed widely in South Florida over the past 25 years, including virtually all the local/regional museums, alternative spaces and galleries, and many publications. He has also exhibited occasionally in New York, LA and Berlin.

More recently, Rohn’s (self) portraiture has morphed into constructions using cast-off / found objects, photography, and painting, intended to reflect contemporary ’ throw-away culture and fatal consumerism.

His interest in art history and extended stays in France and Italy continue to affect his work and catalyze a conscious effort to dialogue with art and artists of the past as the series based on Dante’s Inferno and the series of Catholic Saints attest.

Rohn’s work has been included and widely reviewed at many galleries and museums in S. Florida, New York, and L.A. and continues performative collaborative projects individually and with Partner Danilo de La Torre, (and other collaborators) under the LaboMamo Collab (, and his self-portrait-based, unofficial public art projects.

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