Jorge Miño is one of the most renowned Argentine photographers. He creates large-format photographs in transitory and moving architectures, spatialities that suggest the infinite and constant change in the perception of those who circulate through them visually. The visual resources that Miño uses to construct his photographs seem to come from the pictorial tradition. They are perceived in the composition, the use of color, and the range of textures. The ghostly quality of the strictly figurative images, alongside other images that border on the abstract, suggest the immanence of time and that which is no longer materially present but lingers on in the distance.

Jorge Miño (b. 1973, Corrientes, Argentina) was trained in several photography workshops and has assisted artist Guillermo Kuitca for almost 15 years. Some of his awards include the 1st Prize in Salon Nacional de Rosario ( 2007); the 3rd Prize of Itau Cultural (2010); and the 2nd Prize for Fotografia y Ciencia (Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2006). He has shown his work in Centro Cultural de España (Buenos Aires), Galería Enlace (Lima); Centro Cultural Rojas (Buenos Aires, 2004); among others. He has participated in several collective exhibitions and international art fairs in Argentina, Perú, Ecuador and Miami. His works are part of public institutions such as Museo de Arte Lationamericano de Buenos Aires; Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires; and other public and private collections in Argentina, Holland, Peru and the United States.