Oscar Abraham Pabón is interested in modernism’s intellectual heritage and its visual language, and applies this to everyday, utilitarian objects. He has incorporated elements from a Rietveld chair into his own desk and transformed a towel into an archetype of an architectural scale model. In this way, Pabón lends ordinary products a sculptural character, simultaneously unveiling modernist design’s true intentions, seemingly knocking it off its pedestal. Pabón’s current focus is on the role of the piano in twentieth-century avantgarde music such as Arnold Schönberg’s atonal twelve-tone music and John Cage’s radical compositions. The artist relates to the instrument in his very own way, obscuring the boundaries between use, process and gesture.

Oscar Abraham Pabon (b. 1984, San José de Colón, Venezuela) is part of important collections both in The Netherlands and =the United States. His solo shows include: "Representación de un Piano" at the Museum of Contemporary Art M.A.C Quinta normal, Santiago, Chile (2016);  “Possibility and Repetition,” Martin van Zomeren Gallery in Amsterdam, NL (2016); “Problemas Domésticos,” Nube Gallery, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (2016); “Interior Francés,“ Oficina # 1, Caracas, Venezuela (2015); and “Soloproject” Swab, Barcelona, Spain (2015).