Sibylle Pasche is a Swiss artist and sculptor. She is known for her large-scale outdoor sculptures. Pasche mostly works with stone (Carrara marble, travertine, black Belgian marble). The processes of nature and the poetry of simple shapes in daily life  inspire Pasche. She works with well-known structures and shapes which she develops further according to her own rules of rhythm and proportion. Her objects, weighing several tons, resemble grounded boulders. The choice of the material, its durability and the corresponding notion of longevity, has a force that runs counter to the contemporary Zeitgeist of today's fast-paced world. Pasche prefers esthetics to provocation. Traces of time(2011) is a representative piece of Pasche's focal preoccupations of carving the inside. Her drawings and paintings can be compared to diary entries complementing her work in stone.  Her diaphanous, poetic evocations of natural phenomena investigate both the micro and the macrocosm.  As intimated in the series' titled Cells and Stars, New York (2008/09) andStars and Snow, Engadine(2010),her  drawings join the  fragile and delicate  to the cosmic.

Sibylle Pasche (b. 1976, Lucerne, Switzerland) studied sculpture  at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara  and graduated with the thesis Women–Female Sculptors: The female  Sculptor in the History  of Art. From 1999 to 2002, she  taught at the  Liceo Artistico in  Zurich. Her work has been shown in the United States, and in numerous venues in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany,  South Korea, and Taiwan. She maintains  a studio in Switzerland and one in Carrara,  Italy, where her work was shown in the XII International  Biennale of Sculpture.