Raquel Schwartz’s work often tries to build a habitable place, as a kind of oppressive but warm shelter. One of her most representative works took place at the Mercosur Biennial in Porto Alegre, Brasil. After wrapping various spaces and objects with pink furry fabric, she produced a whole space titled “llusión V.” For this site-specific installation, the artist wrapped an entire house, including not just the furniture and the walls of the house, but also everyday objects. This appropriation of the idea of “pink” as an archetype of softness and perfection transforms it into a lavish display. It, as well, is the continuity of an ongoing research started in 2001, with “Cárcel de ilusiones,” her work for Sao Paulo Biennial in 2001, where her denounce of feminine culture and national identity as comfortable jails was eloquent through an enormous but constructive pink cage.

Raquel Schwartz (b. 1963, Bolivia) studied ceramic and sculpture as well as management and accounting at the Santa Barbara City College, CA and Graphic Design at the Wizo School of Design in Israel. She completed numerous art and leadership workshops in Europe, Argentina and Bolivia as part of the UK Triangle Art Trust Foundation and the HIVOS Mondrian and Doen Arts Collaboratory Network of Artist Residencies. She has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and international biennials. In 2001 and 2005, Schwartz organized KMO, a residency for international visual artists in Bolivia. Since 2006 she is the director of Kiosko Galeria. Her work has been exhibited in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Russia, United Kingdom, among others.