Martín Mele had his artist education both in Europe and Argentina as he moved from his home country to The Netherlands at the age of three. Since then his life and work has evolved out from this permanent transatlantic exchange. Beauty, monstrosity and death are all startlingly present in Mele’s work. Not only in his sculptural pieces but also in his settings, where a tense (in its double sense: stressed and taunt) force put together a heteroclite series of objects whose power arises less from them, than from the contiguity from each other. For this, his work does not rely on the object: it is developed through the accumulation or interweaving of elements. Particularly noteworthy is Mele’s skillful use of unorthodox materials, which he manipulates in order to depict these dehumanizing but somehow seductive worlds.

Martín Mele (b. 1960, Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works between Buenos Aires, Jujuy (Argentina) and Düsseldorf (Germany).  He has held solo shows in Argentina, Bolivia, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and Japan. In 2014, he built and opened laboca783, an artist ́s studio which also functions as a cultural space, together with artist Celina Jure. This project is thought to empower bonds and exchange between the neighbourhood ́s communit and the artists community, both local and international.