Although Jorge Cabieses’ paintings are distinctly geometric, his approach success to outsmart an apparent exhausted tradition. His high clean and regular forms are contrasted by the use of hard and rustic materials as supports or by extremely figurative scenes displayed as a background. Applied with oil stick, the areas of solid and plain colors are reminiscent of geometric abstraction painters. Contrary to the artistic missions embraced by these mid-twentieth century artists –the quest for an autonomous language– Cabieses’s practice is grounded in the contradiction between the optic and haptic dimensions. This is the contradiction upon which his work stands and from which it acquires the power that has made him renowned all around Latin America.

Jorges Cabieses (b. 1971, Lima, Perú) has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Cuba, Peru, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain. Since 2003, he has held nine individual exhibitions "Instruction Manual,"  Artco Gallery (2003); "Boarding Pass," Gallery Punctum (2004); "Post," Gallery Lucia de la Puerte (2006); "Popular Mechanics 2," Gallery Link (2007); "Screen," Link Gallery, Buenos Aires (2008); “Concreto,” Galeria Lucía de la Puente (2011); “Superficies,” Galería Miroquesada Garland (2012). In 2011 he was selected for the Cisneros Foundation Fellowship. His work is part of the CIFO Collection and can also be found at Abstraction in Action, a project by curator Cecilia Fajardo Hill for the Collection Sayago & Pardon, in California.